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In today’s competitive market you need every advantage to acquire a position in your job market that is not only suited to your skill set but is also in your best professional interest. Mack Staffing is dedicated to giving you every ascendancy to assist you in obtain a lucrative position within your prospective industry. Making a great first impression is the beginning of that process.


Arrive 10 minutes early. Go alone to the interview.
Greet the interviewer with a warm, confident "Hello" and a firm handshake.
Be well rested.
Dress and groom yourself appropriately – be showered, wear clean clothing and proper shoes, simple make-up, and be
well shaven (for men without beards).
Maintain good posture.
Emphasize positive things about yourself.
Be honest about your background and experience.
It is okay to ask a few questions you may have.
Remain calm and alert so you can answer all questions.
Do talk about your role in any previous similar jobs. Let the interviewer know what you did and how you were successful.
Thank the interviewer for his/her time.
Ask for a business card so you have contact information.
Send a thank you note after the interview.

What Not To Do:
Don’t bring a friend, children or a relative with you.
Don’t arrive late.
Don’t fidget or slump – sit up straight be attentive.
Don’t use excessive perfume or make-up.
Don’t ask about the salary unless the interviewer brings it up.
Don’t “bad mouth" a former employer or past co-workers.
Don’t be in a hurry to end the interview.
Don't become too familiar with the interviewer. Remain professional at all times.
Don't respond in basic "yes" or "no" answers—always elaborate when you can.
Don't be shy about asking the interviewer to repeat the question or clarify what they're asking if you're unsure of something.
Don't rush into an answer you're unsure of. If you need a moment to think, it is okay to have a moment to compose your thoughts.